Friday, March 5, 2010

Status Update: 3/10

Time for a status update. What the heck am I writing now? Do I have anything out for my fans to read?

Out NOW: Poem-"I Dream of Frost" at bareback magazine. Scroll down to the "POETRY" section on the first page. My pen name is TK Turner (duh!)

This poem was originally a gift to my boyfriend. I wrote it when I was 19, I think. I have another erotic poem coming out in April at Dark Gothic Resurrected. (Check out my links on the right)

The other piece I have out right now is an apocalyptic sci-fi story at Silverblade magazine called "She Fills the Sea." Here's a direct link to the story:

I wrote this story last fall. Take a look and please feel free to leave comments regarding anything I've written! I love feedback! (I received my very first "fan mail" with this story!)

Works In PROGRESS: I have three short stories in the works this March.

One is a horror story involving an angel and an anal probe. O_o I'm in the submitting process so when it gets accepted (if it gets accepted) I'll be sure to let you guys know. I'm shooting for a paperback anthology. E-zines are great and all, but I want something in PRINT!

The other story I'm working on is an erotic/comedy involving a bridesmaid and a contortionist. I'm still drafting this one--haven't written anything down yet. When I have a publisher for it, I'll post an excerpt.

The last story I have is a nonfiction essay on interracial dating in post-Obama America. This one is still in the submitting process. I'll post a link to it if it gets accepted.

Thanks for supporting me by reading my stuff! You guys are the best! And like always, leave a comment if you have one! :)



Robin Eduardo said...

I'm actually considering putting together an anthology, and I'm hoping to gather a group of ladies together for it. If you are interested, let's talk. Contact me at robin-eduardo(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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