Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stuff Black People Dig

I'm talking about the BLOG.

Supposedly it's a spin-off of Stuff White People Like but I've yet to read this one. (Maybe I'll have my boyfriend look through it)

Now, I was introduced to the "Stuff Black People Dig" on a black website I like to visit. It's a light-hearted blog with the usual black jokes you'd expect. I've looked through it and decided to share my thoughts on the subject. With that said, can I assure my readers that this blog is politically correct and won't offend anybody?


Does it enforce negative stereotypes about black people?

Mostly yes than no.

So why am I blogging about it?

Mostly, I'm blogging about this so we can laugh at how incredibly STUPID and FALSE these stereotypes are. I'm not condoning this blog by any means. I'm shedding light on a serious issue by using humor. And though there were more things on the list I disagreed with (didn't apply to me) I'll share the few that were true or ones I found particularly amusing.

#59 Warm weather

#56 Movies where the black guy gets the girl, kills the bad guy and saves the world

#41 The idea of Tiger Woods

#36 Cookouts and barbecuing

#24 Discriminating against interracial couples

#21 Lotion and chapstick

#6 Giving their children made-up names that are hard to spell and pronounce

#6 is particularly funny to me because I happen to have one of those hard-to-spell-and-pronunce "black" names, hahaha! As a black writer, I try to "hide" this fact by going by "TK."

Unfortunately, an "ethnic name" really does make a difference in how you're perceived by 1. potential publishers and 2. readers.

But that's for another post!

Although "Stuff Black People Dig" is amusing, we must remember the dangers that come with "telling a single story" of a certain race, culture, or religious group. Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie, eloquently describes the "single story" in her speech below.

As writers (and readers) we have to think about the messages we put out and receive. The danger of a "single story" affects us all and it is up to us to change the way we think and perceive the world around us.

That's my "food for thought" for the day, and as always, feel free to leave comments if you have any!



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