Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cannibalistic Confessions

Yeah, she's dead. But isn't she a tasty looking morsel? I'm pickling her in my bathtub so I can eat the rest for later. *sigh* Wannabe goth girls are a guilty pleasure of mine, I must confess. And they taste especially sour...

It's been over 400 days. I tried to be good. Honest. craving for human flesh is stronger than me. How could I have been so stupid to think that broccoli and tofu could ever satisfy my desires? Why did I decide to abstain from cannibalism anyway?! 

I mean, it's so fucking pointless! So stupid and utterly futile! I'm a natural born killer. It's what I do. To think that I could be anything different (much less an HERBIVORE for christ's sake!) is foolish nonsense. So yeah. I fell off the wagon. I feel guilty about this, but what's done is done. *sigh* And so I begin my sobriety anew...

To cheer myself up, I went and got myself a nose hoop ring from Etsy. Rock Your Nose carries cool stuff. And it's all handmade too. Right now, all 10% of sales go toward helping Japan. Check it out. 

Speaking of awesome body jewelry, I have fallen completely in love with the nose rings at Maria Tash. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! But so fucking expensive... Maybe I'll treat myself after another 400 days! 


bluerose said...

LOL! Wannabe goth girls - ha, there's no shortage of temptation for you, is there? ;]

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Yup! :D

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