Friday, April 29, 2011

Smexxxy Friday

Which is more romantic? Two folks eloping? Or the traditional bride and groom wedding? 

Some women might prefer the poofy white dress and tacky flowers, but I lean more toward a quick and snappy Vegas wedding. I could have my bachelorette party, wedding, and honeymoon all in one weekend! Yeah, baby! 

But I dunno...walking down the aisle and having a fancy cake seems like it would be fun too. Thoughts? 


M.G. said...

i like the idea of a traditional wedding. but that doesn't mean eloping won't be as sweet and romantic. some of the wedding chapels in vegas are just as lovely as any church, beach, or garden.

however, i'm not a poofy wedding dress person. they look good on some people but with everyone else, they look ridiculous...

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