Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Weather Influence Your Writing?

Does the weather affect the way you write? 

At least for me, I enjoy rainy stormy weather. It pumps me up and makes me excited. I'm the idiot who goes outside during a tornado to watch and marvel at the sky (there was a phase when I wanted to grow up and be a meteorologist/tornado chaser). Mother Nature's fury inspires me to pick up a pen. How about you? Do you prefer calm, tranquil days with sunshine and cool breezes or dreary rainclouds with sleet and hail? 

I just realized that weather plays a big role in most of my stories. I guess I'm a bit cliched to think that when "It was a rainy and stormy night..." it makes for a more interesting story, hahaha! 


Tony said...

I love rainy, gray days. When it's cloudy out, especially when it's raining, I do write more. I also tend to watch horror movies in that weather too.

Vegetarian Cannibal said...

Thank you for commenting, Tony. :)

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