Sunday, April 10, 2011

My (lack of) green thumb

It's spring, it's green, flowers are popping up everywhere and I'm giddy from Texas sunshine. Yesterday I got it into my head that I should start a garden. Little mind the fact I have an apartment with no backyard to speak of... Or that I massacre vegetation with the same zeal I butcher babies...

In the third grade I had to do this photosynthesis project by growing my own plant and then studying the cells under a microscope to show to the class. By the end of the seven or eight weeks, everyone in my class produced long, beautiful green shoots... I was the only child standing there with an empty cup of dirt.

"Your lima bean didn't grow, TK. It's dead." I failed that assignment. Damn.

But I'm determined to redeem myself this time. Here's what I got: (left to right) Mint, Dill, and Arugula.

I'm most excited about the mint and arugula. I never tasted arugula before--it's a delicious spicy little leaf. I like it a lot. The dill is for my guinea pigs.

Getting into the spirit of things, my boyfriend and I also purchased a wind chime. Big mistake. It was nice at first but the damn thing was too loud! Around 2am my boyfriend took it down so we could sleep! What do you think...pleasant or annoying? I don't have a camera so I was using my laptop webcam...excuse the poor quality! 


Vegetarian Cannibal said...

The sound is very soft in the video...but in person it's REALLY frickin' loud. My sound quality on my webcam is pretty bad, lol!

M.G. said...

i totally believe you. I have one as a decoration in my room. i accidently hit it once and made Dante freak out. i gotta be extra careful with it....O_0

Robin Eduardo said...

Oh geez, I have a greenhouse with an english cottage style garden and a veggie garden! I also have so many windchimes I could make church bells blush! LOL! I got my green thumb from my granny, and love to get my hands dirty. But you seem to be off to a good start! Everything seems to be doing fine!

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